The Ashley Family McComb

The Ashley Family Honors (AFH)

The 2010 AFH recipients were:

Alma Ashley, Birdie lee Walker, Boat Ashley, and Theodore Ashley

The 2011 AFH recipients were:

Saundra Roberts, Katherine Smith, Pearl McNickles, and Estelle Lenoir

The 2013 AFH recipients were:  

Bertha McCray, Gennie Jones, Joan Cureton, and Beatrice Thompson

Charles Wayne Ashley ... Ashley Family Businessman

Please send in your nominee for the 2015 AFH Award (Senior Family member)

And the winner is...J. Bradford of Palmdale CA. Mr. Bradford will receive the 42" television (great Christmas gift), congratulations to you!

The 2015 Ashley Family Reunion Info:

We are happy to send out this letter to inform the family that our 4th “Ashley Family Reunion” will be held the weekend of June 00, 2015, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our event will consist of a fun-filled weekend for everyone of all ages. Some plans will include a meet ’n greet and an All-White Soirée. We have taken into consideration that the economy is not good and there are people living on a fixed income and are out of work, but we still want to see you there and to give us a call for information on how you will be able to attend. For those of you who have to travel and prefer to stay in a hotel, we will need this information “ASAP,” because we have to put a block of rooms aside for our event. We will also need for you to R.S.V.P. asap, because we will need to determine how much food we need to order.
Please R.S.V.P. (via Facebook, email, or telephone), as soon as possible for our event @ theashleyfamilymccomb@yahoo.com.  A website has been established, so please feel free to go there and register, sign the guestbook, and post any pictures you may have. To view the family website, just hold down the ctrl key then click the link: http://www.theashleyfamilymccomb.webs.com/. It would be more convenient to keep in touch via email, so if you would prefer to receive info by email, send us your email address and send your home or cell phone number. Also, please visit us on facebook follow link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home also, follow us on twitter, just follow the link:

The cost of the reunion (to include t-shirt) is as follows: TBD

Hotel Information:


To reserve your room please call (you must mention The Ashley Family McComb Reunion) 000-000-0000

$00.00 Single/Double occupancy

$00.00 Triple/Quad.

June 00, 2015 -- June 00, 2015

Hotel Name
Hotel Address
Hotel Telephone

Reserve Room -- Credit Card Needed
And mention the Ashley Family Reunion


Contact Dorothy Gordon via email @ (gordondorothy@sbcglobal.net), or Sheree Ashley (theashleyfamilymccomb@yahoo.com)

Host and Committee
Mrs. Dorothy Gordon (601) 519-7508
Ms. Sheree Ashley (571) 332-5833

Famous Quotes. . .

Poor is he who shuns his kin...
                                                                                  --Ptau Hotep, c. 2340 B.C.

Ashley Family News...

Hey Ashley Family, we had a great 2010 Family Reunion in Chicago, a greater Family Reunion in McComb 2011, and in 2013 we had a ball at the reunion in the Ontario, California (southern California) area. If you have not yet attended an Ashley Family Reunion, you have really missed out on a lot of Fun, Food, and Conversation.  Please plan on attending our fourth Family gathering in 2015...you will enjoy all festivities.  Remember, if you have any photos, exciting news, new happenings, any news concerning the Ashley Family, we need to know, please let us know via email, facebook, or tweeter. Also, please check the Calendar for meetings, Birthday wishes, city happenings, and upcoming events. Please send all of your pictures and/or videos to the family reunion email so all correspondence can be posted: www.theashleyfamilymccomb@yahoo.com. Lastly, please remember register and sign the guest book and sign up to become a member of the site.

Don't forget to make a donation if you can!